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The art of writing letters is diminishing, if not lost and virtually extinct. Writing personal or business letters (which includes lengthy missives to endearing greetings) has dropped out of societal expression since the days of WWII, and that was a steep decline from the wonderful letters of the pre-Civil War to Victorian Age.

It would be a cold stone heart that would be unmoved by the letters of loved ones, spouses or friends during the Civil War, or the secret paramour letters whispering through the postal systems of the 1890’s.

As a minister, I have written thousands of letters that addressed the full gamut of human and trans-human experience: from the searing grief of suicide or some awful happenstance to romantic and wedding expressions to friendly blessings to stratospheric philosophical or historical discussions carried on like chess matches through letters.

And as a director or administrator in multi-million dollar projects my business letters were exacting, dignified, informative and instructive—without resorting overly frequently to the pop jargon that can make a letter seem like a catalog for prevailing business slang.

Today, in our instant email world, email letters and notes have become briefer and less communicative with well-written phrases; the emoticon taking the place of good writing. While this is cute, if you really want to impress a potential girlfriend/boyfriend, relative or friend, or a business correspondent—well conceived and phrased writing definitely wins every time.

I specialize in all categories of letters (even letters to write to people you may be interested in corresponding with through the personals ads), from brief to lengthy email, to letters sent on fine stationery through the mail.

I also craft personal greetings for all holidays or special occasions: anniversaries of all types, wedding invitations, coming-of-age invitations and special gathering mementos. Any occasion that calls for well-conceived greetings that reflect personal care.

If you would like a well-crafted letter written for personal or business purposes, please email me with a brief description of the letter. This can include formal or casual business letters, resumes, letters of condolence or appreciation, letters of closeness and romance, ice-breaking letters of introduction to use on the personals, retrospective letters and so forth.

My fees are affordable: about $40 an hour for these kinds of projects.

Email me with your criteria for letters, greetings, emails, resumes. You are invited to view samples of my work here.

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