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JRA Write/Design Studio now offers very affordable transcription services, document conversion services and data entry.

If you need accurate written documents transcribed from court proceedings, interviews, dictation, business meetings, conference calls, focus groups, press briefings, lectures, radio shows, panel discussions, seminars, or any medical-related sources, please contact me.

Our staff has a combined expertise in transcription of over 20 years, including some of the most difficult transcription recording imaginable. James has spent many years transcribing micro-cassettes, audio and video tapes that range from journalism interviews with multiple parties, radio and TV shows, lectures, panel discussions, letter dictation for ministry, dictation for book chapters and scientific papers, legal recordings, and much more. He has transcribed material that has been taped on buses in Nepal, hurricanes in Hawaii, crowds in Hong Kong, poor recording equipment, and with very heavy accents.

My partner's experience in transcribing includes a highly-developed literary and technical vocabulary (two BA’s in education). In her work, she’s listened to people with many different accents. With a varied teaching/transcribing background, she’s had many years experience discerning and listening to multiple voices talking at once. Andrea is presently studying medical transcription. This highly demanding coursework emphasizes accuracy, technical transcription skills, and a skilled ear in interpreting rushed doctors, as well as those with heavy accents.



  • Audio cassette
  • Microcassette
  • VHS
  • CD
  • DVD



Rates are calculated per minute. They are both affordable and below the rates charged by independent contractors and transcription companies. Per minute charges allow you to record the amount of time spent completing your project. There are three types of transcription rates, dependent on the difficulty. We also offer bulk discounts, contact us for a quote!

  • Type A: $.50 per minute
    Single voice or one-on-one voice.

  • Type B: $1.00 per minute
    Interviews with a total of three people, interfering background noise, or people with voices difficult to hear or understand.

  • Type C: $2.00 per minute
    Audios with a total of 4 people, an individual with a very thick accent, or a panel discussion.

  • Rush Services: Add .50 per minute
    Within 1-2 business days or over weekends.

ending & Receiving Files

We have an FTP site to receive audio/digital files and to store completed transcripts for downloading by my clients. I am fluent in using email to transmit files, or you can send your completed project, burned to disk, via postal mail.

The following audio formats are accepted:

.aif, .au, .aac, .asf, .dct, .dss, .dvf, .flac, .mp3, .msv, .mp2, .mpga, .ogg, .ra, .ram, .rm, .sri, .vox, .wma, .wav

ocument Conversion

JRA studio offers expert expertise in converting documents from one format to another. With a strong expertise in web design, we can produce stunning, web-ready documents. Fees for document conversion are adapted to your project and budget. Compensation is determined on a per document basis allowing you to track performance. We work from our studio FTP site or can work from yours, and of course, through email/fax/telephone correspondence.

Typical conversion needs (all these can be reversed as well):

  • Word or Excel to html
  • InDesign to html
  • Acrobat PDF’s to html
  • Quark to html

Converting documents between page layout programs, or Photoshop and Word, Excel. We also look at other more arcane conversion needs to come up with a conversion strategy.


Data Entry

We have the capacity and expertise to process typed or handwritten data, scanned or paper originals, to and from many formats. Quality checking.

Straight forward basic text, complex formatting including columns, tables and marginalia, selective text extraction, these are just a few of the processes we key.

We key to a wide range of output formats including:

  • Text (ASCII, MS Word, txt...)
  • Database Formats (CSV, MS Access, MS Excel...)
  • Electronic Distribution (PDF, xHTML, HTML...)

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